The next review example is of Texas Liquor, the website for a service that assists Texas businesses with obtaining a liquor license. It has a clean, simple design with a small touch of flash, and some audio. We ran the site through our initial test to see what reviewers had to say. This is what the site looked like at the time of the review:
Texas Liquor
What Does This Website Do?

  1. Describes liquor license application process and the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code and assists people with the process.
  2. They help people/businesses navigating through the TABC liquor license application process and the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code. They are licensing professionals.
  3. It is a website for obtaining a liquor license in Texas. It also has certification for food management and TABC.
  4. Texas Liquor License is a professional licensing service. They handle all aspects of the TABC licensing process from beginning to end; processing applications for all types of liquor, beer and wine permits inside the State of Texas.
  5. Helps businesses get liquor license in Texas. And helps businesses sell and transfer liquor license.
  6. It looks like a company which will help you navigate through the steps to get your liquor license in Texas.
  7. Services Texas food & beverage industry with licensing and training.
  8. This website helps people in Texas obtain a Texas Liquor License.
  9. They specializes in helping those who wish to start up their own business quickly by gathering and filling out the necessary forms required to get a liquor permit. The website will also offer clients the ability to create their own LLC or corporation.
  10. Helping bars/clubs/anything that needs a liquor license obtain a license with ease.

We already know how important it is to make your websites purpose clear to all first time visitors, and Texas Liquor has achieved that.

What do the reviewers really like?

Best Current Feature

  1. The company’s purpose is plainly explained and the website makes it simple to understand.
  2. Everything seems to be all laid out well, straightforward, and everything you need seems to be on the site.
  3. It has a full list of all the clients that this website caters to.
  4. I like the “jingle” when you mouse over the links.
  5. It states the company’s goal on the homepage, explaining that they are there to help you obtain a liquor license because the process is complex.
  6. The site offers information about classes, and certifications which might be helpful.
  7. The best current feature I took notice of was the music, it drew me into the page and made me want to know more about the site. The music selected was nice and short. It sound seemed to remind me of a futuristic clean feel.
  8. Fairly clean design with lots of white space.
  9. The best feature on this page is the graphic that plays and the music that follows. The way that the screen appears on every page with those graphics really makes the site shine.
  10. The best feature is that it informs you a license can be obtained a week earlier than usual.

Texas Liquor has employed a clean, simple design with a straightforward, up front description of what they provide, and the reviewers seem to like that. They also like the brief flash animation and the sounds played when you move your mouse over the links. I’m actually a little surprised the flash and audio received positive remarks, simply because they replay on every page. They are nicely executed, brief, and much like the rest of the design, clean and simple. However, a one time play upon first visitation would be sufficient. Or perhaps a slightly different visual and audio on each page.

What improvements can be made?

One Thing Better

  1. Remove the ads as they are a distraction.
  2. Maybe add a little color, and decrease the size of the border (too much white space right now makes it look a little boring.)
  3. The only thing I would suggest is make the visuals more relevant to what the service represents.
  4. Remove the music when you change pages.
  5. Lose the music, and make the text bigger. It makes it much more likely someone will take the time to read it all the way through.
  6. One thing that could make the site better is to incorporate bolder and bigger titles. You could also do this to the tabs. Try to make them stand out more where people can identify them.
  7. The stock art frowny guy doesn’t fit this page.
  8. Not sure what the differences between “solutions” and “services” are, and those could be consolidated.
  9. Though the opening graphic music and layout come together very well, and are smooth to watch, I would like more variety. I think every page should have the same introduction, but with perhaps a different layout, color and picture.
  10. Tell the consumer why we should use your service and tell us a bit more about the company.

One reviewer agrees that there could be move variety with the graphic and audio selection, while others agree to remove the audio altogether. They are an interesting touch and when I first visited the page I liked them, but after a few clicks I realized they would replay on each page and navigating further into the site was becoming less appealing.

Other reviewers offer suggestions to minimize the white space and increase text size. Increasing the text size is a good suggestion, as it is rather small, and doing that will decrease the white space as a secondary effect. However, I wouldn’t suggest eliminating the white space completely; it’s a component of the clean, simple design that appeals to so many people.

Small adjustments to the flash and audio could really streamline this already attractive website. Then the changes could be tested with 3rd Party Feedback to see how effective they were.